Leadership Programs

Our leadership programs teach participants how to apply George Washington’s leadership qualities in the modern workplace.

Modules and Facilitated Discussion

Our sessions touch on a variety of topics ranging from leadership to collaboration, each with their own distinct set of actionable takeaways.

Washington’s Enduring Relevance: An Integrated Approach to Strategy, Leadership, and Management

Modern leaders can learn a great deal from George Washington’s ability to fully integrate his strategic vision with his approach to leadership and management. Utilizing the lessons of history, this session reminds modern executives of the best traits of effective leadership and management and how they should be consistently guided by the strategic vision of the organization. Washington’s approach to leadership and management are as relevant today as they were 250 years ago.

A Strategic Approach to Leading in Times of Crisis and Change: Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt, Churchill

Taking advantage of the lessons of history, this presentation identifies eight common traits that these four remarkable leaders used to guide their countries through times of great crisis and change. This presentation emphasizes the importance of strategic vision, effective communication, visibility, and collaboration in dealing with the inherent anxiety created by crisis and change and in charting a positive way forward.

The Washington Way: Character & Credibility in Leadership

George Washington’s extraordinary character and integrity made him the most trusted figure of the founding era. Today more than ever, character, credibility and trust are essential foundations of effective leadership. This presentation and discussion combines the impactful lessons of history with a modern organizational model of character based leadership. Leaders of character are inherently more trusted and more effective and so are the organizations they lead.

George Washington: Essential Lessons in Team Building and Teamwork

George Washington was a master team builder, both during the revolutionary war and as the first president. This presentation and discussion combines the impactful lessons of history with modern organizational models of teamwork and motivation.

Leading the Washington Way in a Modern World

In this interactive workshop, delve into the art of effective personal and organizational communication strategies, drawing inspiration from the timeless leadership principles of George Washington. By exploring Washington's pillars of leadership, examine the importance of strategic vision, execution, patience, and organizational character, and how they can be applied to propel 21st century leaders to success.

George Washington: Visionary Entrepreneur

Washington’s success as a general and as our first president was greatly informed by his success and experience as an entrepreneur. As a farmer, miller, distiller, and shipper, he learned the requirements for production, marketing, and finance.

Note: Session durations are typically 1 hour and are facilitated by Leadership Institute Faculty.

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