Leadership Seminars

Our leadership seminars teach participants how to apply George Washington’s leadership qualities in the modern workplace.

Seminar Topics

Our seminars touch on a variety of topics ranging from leadership to collaboration, each with their own distinct set of actionable takeaways.

Washington’s Enduring Relevance: The Integration of Strategy, Leadership, and Management

Citing specific examples of George Washington’s military and political career, this session will explore the on-going dynamics of strategic development and highlight the importance of Washington integrating leadership, management, and strategy.

Leading in Times of Change: Credibility, Communication, Collaboration, and Vision

Credibility, Communication, Collaboration, and Vision are all essential characteristics for effective leadership, and Washington demonstrated these abilities through his time as Commander-in-Chief and as the first President of the United States. This session will explore examples of these traits in Washington’s own life and how these characteristics can be implemented in today’s leadership.

George Washington: Visionary Entrepreneur

Washington’s success as a general and as our first President was greatly informed by his success and experience as an entrepreneur. As a farmer, miller, distiller, and shipper, he learned the requirements for production, marketing, and finance.

Leading With Character

This session will explore Washington’s sense of character, integrity, and ethical behavior in the service of his country. This session will make the case that these same characteristics remain essential today for all those who serve.

Team Building and Leadership the George Washington Way

This module focuses on Washington’s approach to building and managing teams and explores both his time as Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army but also his establishment of the executive branch of the Federal Government.

Note: Seminar durations are typically 1 hour and are facilitated by Leadership Institute Faculty.

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